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Dr. Valerie Baul, Life Coach, Business & Leadership Coach

Dr. Val

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained, So Keep Moving!

A Bit About Me

The primary difference between a therapist and a coach is that, generally speaking, therapists tend to focus more on the past or present while coaches tend to focus more on the present and the future.  Therapists are often more focused on cognitions while coaches are often more focused on behaviors.  Of course, cognitions and behaviors are extremely intertwined, and as such therapists and coaches are often converging in their respective practices. Coaching can be done in parallel with Therapy or without.

I would like to help you become more accountable to take charge of your life and succeed by accomplishing the goals you set out to do. 

Areas Of Specialty     -Virtual and In Person-

  • Lifestyle Coaching

  • Business/Entrepreneur

  • Career

  • Planning, Setting Goals and Accountability

  • Finding Purpose

  • Weight Management

  • Self-Care

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Building Confidence & Self-Esteem

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