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Hello, my name is Ciera Gary, Office Manager


"Change the world, don't let it change you." -Ciera Gary

A Bit About Me

I am Ciera, the heartbeat of Rising Hope, bringing a wealth of experience from my corporate journey, particularly in the Healthcare industry. Currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in business management, my role transcends a mere job. In the intricate tapestry of mental health care, I weave connections by pairing individuals with therapists who resonate with their backgrounds, personalities, and expertise. With skillfulness in matching individuals with their therapists, I take pride in managing the administrative team, ensuring the seamless operation of our mission to provide the highest level of mental health care.

My belief is simple yet profound: everyone deserves the utmost care for their mental well-being, a sentiment particularly crucial in the black and brown community. This dedication goes beyond professional duties; it's rooted in a passion for aiding all mothers, with a special focus on single mothers, individuals impacted by incarceration and re-entry, and community-based outreach initiatives. There's an undeniable importance in seeking assistance from those who have walked similar paths, sharing common backgrounds and cultures. It's about fostering understanding and genuine connection. Having experienced a lot in my personal journey, I recognize the profound impact of mental health support. While I acknowledge that I cannot save the world, I am hopeful that my efforts can make a significant impact. In every step of your journey, including the administrative aspects, I am here to make you feel comfortable. I bring not only professional expertise but also a super mom's touch, infusing the office with fun and creativity. Beyond the professional sphere, I find solace and joy in the simple moments—baking with my daughter and nurturing my small business, Mom Of All Trades LLC. These endeavors not only recharge me but also enrich my understanding of diverse experiences.

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