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Can A Phoenix Learn To Fly

Updated: Feb 23

In the quiet dawn of shadows cast, A symphony of dreams, the first and last. Rising hope, a beacon in the night, Igniting the spirit, a flickering light.

Beneath the weight of its wings through a the darkest of skies, A phoenix will learn how to fly. Through trials and tribulations, it soars it knows no better because it was used to the image and the words endure

A melody of resilience will be heard through its wings . In its finally moments in the sky a hope blooms, an eternal grace. Petals unfurl, whispers of the morn, A testament to the strength reborn and the life it will restore .

With each sunrise, a promise anew, A canvas of dreams painted in hues. Rising Hope, an unwavering guide, In the heart's chamber, it resides.

It dances on the wings of a song, A melody where the weak grow strong. In the symphony of life's ebb and flow, Rising hope, a perennial glow.

So let hope ascend, a phoenix flight, Above the shadows, into the light. In the tapestry of life's intricate rope, We find our anchor in Rising Hope.

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