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Jamie Jones, LCSW, MS

Jamie is a licensed social worker. She has a Master’s degree in social work from Delaware State University and a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Wilmington University. Jamie has worked closely with clients of all ages struggling with depression, trauma, and anxiety. Her approach during sessions is client-centered humanistic therapy and solution-focused therapy. 

Jamie has over 5-year experience working with adolescences in child welfare. She also has experience with working in a school setting, specifically providing counseling services for students with IEP’s. The experience in child welfare has given Jamie the ability to work in unique and diverse situations. Jamie’s priority is to create a safe, non-judgmental space where you are heard and feelings are validated. She will help you find the source of the problem and make you an equal partner in creating a plan to reach your goals. Jamie’s bubbly personality and free-spirited energy will make you feel welcomed.

 “My main objective during sessions is making sure you are heard, validating your feelings but most importantly assisting you with finding your strength; and using your strength to get to the solution. The process of healing is hard but with the right support, the extra push and reminder THAT YOU ARE IN CONTROL, is sometimes all you need. There may be some slip ups during your process of healing, but I will be here to assist you on getting back on track. You already made the first step by taking the initiative to seek extra support. Lets get you to the finish line”. 

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